The words in my mouth,
which i wasn’t even able to swallow,
Related to all the emotions of my soul,
Yet for others which were mere hollow…

Being the intricate designs of my depressed soul,
Which if led out would have helped in the healings,
Still holding firmly that time the tip of my tongue,
I remember how they wouldn’t let go until they found their meanings…

Stacking brick by brick in my mouth,
They used to block my vocal flow,
Haunting me like the ghosts from hell’s south,
Making my mind a balloon about to blow…

Who knew a call would save me,
Who knew that i will be able to let it all out,
In that moment, hours had passed and yet i needed a minute more,
As we all know that even the largest rivers are too small for a free trout…

These memories i relive from the books of the past,
And silently realisation dawns that the same situation again stands tall,
On the whitewashed heart the worldly dirt rolls again so fast,
I guess its about time to make again the same call 🙂




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Be my guest when you are free,
Free from bitching about me,
I am happy that you have found a job,
Legal as per devil’s decree.

Be my guest as you must be tired ,
from Passing all those comments too sour,
You need some rest i guess,
For your work continues for  hours..

Be my guest as you are probably successful,
because i see myself falling down,
Its obvious You love your job too,
Because my enemies offer you the crown

Be my guest and i will let u know ,
All the sins i have done in my life,
And it will be instrumental and effective,
Helping you to sharpen your butcher’s knife.

Be my guest and cut my throat,
Come sometime and suffocate me to death,
Make these words the last i wrote,
Come as i welcome you to haunt me till my last breath.




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Blue eyes and dark hair,
And a perfect dress to match the night ,
A troubled heart desires a pair,
I wish you could stay forever in my sight….

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As you walk people stare,
Wishing a conversation to start,
A suppressed smile you always bear,
Erupting sometimes to stop a million heart….

Colonies of lovers ask you out,
Wearing a gentleman’s skin,
But your rejection clears their doubt,
And then i see their face with a sircastic grin…

Lovely slow music starts,
Forcing your feet to follow the beat,
Your dance shows respect for nature’s art,
The most soothing thing any eyes could meet….

It all appears to be a dream,
But then through the eyes of reality i see,
It strikes painfully that i don’t belong to this world so serene,
And all i could do is to let you walk away from me…


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When world showed its laughing colours,
You were there to hear my cries,
Share of sadness that i gave to you,
Happiness can’t outweigh them even after a million tries….

You proved your worth each and every moment,
And i proved that i am unworthy many times,
However one thing i knew since the time i met you,
The poet inside me is defined only by your rhymes…

I will be happy enough if u just hate me,
Bcoz i have lost my sincerity,
But I will always care for ur happiness,
Even after the fact that your happiness exists only in my unexisting serenity…. Continue reading







What is it that drives me so mad,
Frankly i don’t have any clue,
It may be a long lost love,
Or it may be a new crush to be true….

Smoke rings having their marks on the air,
And the fire turning the white rolls into black dust,
I sometimes know that i don’t have a life of my own,
Maybe this soul was just ordinary enough to rust.

But then i remember all u said,
And i am confused between my thoughts and my life,
One always possessing the negativity,
And one which has positivism from u to lead an ideal life….

Oh by the way, people think that positivism is what i should chose,
But they don’t understand that in a world so complicated ideality is destruction itself,
And its difficult to chose the correct path known to me,
Because the thoughts are sometimes wrong even of the ideal elf….

The doubt is the trauma,
And i am the discoverer,
It appears that i have found a problem,
That is absolutely unsolvable for the soul inside human fur….



Sangam tha wo anokha sa,
Dekha tha jo maine sapno mein,
Vinaashpoorna Kaliyug ka dwaar khul chuka tha,
Shaantipriya Satya yug ki galiyon mein….

Vishmayi vatavaran vilupt ho raha tha,
Gyaan ki bhasha gunj rahi thi hawaon mein,
Mahadev ka samay guzar gaya tha,
Brahma ka hin naam tha sabhi baaton mein…

Seekh ki prerna prajwalit aag si,
Man k andhkaar ko ojhal kar rahi thi,
Drishya ye vinamra vibhormayi itna ki,
Lag raha tha prithvi swarg k roop mein dhal rahi thi…

Kitabein hin parmaatma thi,
Gyaan hin parakhne ki kasauti,
Paise to dhul ho gaye the,
Vidyaa ban gayi amulya thi…

Subeh ki kirnein jab padi in aankhon mein,
Dil dukhi hokar utha swapna se,
Dil k dard ko samajhkar dimag ne socha,
Khuda ne kyun nahi diya yug chunne ka haq insan k apne haathon mein ….


Amongst the dense deserted forest,
There existed an old shadow less castle ,
Painted with the colors of rust and decay by time as the thoughtful artist,
Surrounded by trees which appeared to be indulged in a rastle….
There was a small sized DEAD weed garden,
With no decorative plants thus creating a sadist’s long dreamt “hassle”,
And accompanying it was a broken swing,
With tree branches pretending to be its tassels…
View convinced that something bad had happened,
With the inhabitant who dwelt there,
Roaring cries still echoed during the MOONLESS nights,
And every now and then the hall roof dropped an unnoticed tear….
The castle was said to be uninhabited,
But one could see at night a woman dressed in black,
Oscillating alone on a wooden squeaky chair,
Knitting clothes which were slack…..
Her face could not be seen from a distance ,
And she would not respond to the loudest call,
But if any foolish lone ranger moved closer to the figured dis figuration,
She would swiftly rise and move towards the corner of the hall….
She would say in an old long before lamented voice ,
Pointing towards the picture of an HONOURABLE MALE,
“He was my husband and I loved him a lot,
But even the deepest love is not sufficient enough to prevent a tragic tale,
He killed me to make his lover his new wife,
On my back there still exists the lip marks of his knife“…..
The curtains of suspense then fall as she slowly turns towards her listener,
Following which the last view of smiling rotten face is seen,
The smile reflects a genuine hatred,
That could neither be generous nor be mean…
Everything ends again and she gets one of the infinite companions to share her pain,
Now she will wait for the next tourist ,
Whose blood she will revengefully drain …..

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Jab se janmaa hun is dharti pe,
Zamaane ke rang ko hin badalte dekha hai,
Kabhi ektaa ka man ko atyant lubhaane wala pradarshan,
To kabhi vinaashroopi laalach k darshan…

Chalte chalte raah kabhi badli nahi,
Parantu drishya chhan chhan badalte rahe,
Kabhi phoolon pe to kabhi kaanton pe,
Ye pair sukh aur dukh dono ka anubhav karte rahe…

Kabhi doston ne dushmani nibhayi,
To kabhi dushman dost bante rahe,
Naummeed hona zyada saral tha,
Ummeed ke diye fir bhi jalte rahe…

Kya ajeeb duniya banayi us sarvapratham sarvashaktiman ne,
Jahan vidvaanon ki basti pe murkh raaj karte rahe,
Aur ajeeb si banaawat hai manushya ke is dil ki bhi,
Jo khud dhokha khaakar bhi dusron ki madad karte rahe…∝


Silent as a storm,
Pretending as if nothing is wrong,
She smiles like a sad song,
Pretending as if nothing is wrong….

Without blinking an eye,
She is easily able to lie,
For she is a heartbroken girl,
Who desires her innocence to die….

She works for free and not for dimes,
But only to hide herself from her real self,
And when she gets some lonely time,
She shares many stories which she could not otherwise tell..

A girl once so lively,
Now waits for the passage of the sands of time,
She was a very good poet,
But now she hates those idealistic rhymes….

She is not in trauma,
She is not depressed,
She is just a lonely girl,
Born from the agony of life as in the tales it is said….



The Nightingale of My Life


One night walking on a lonely garden pavement,
A sweet song distracted my destination,
I saw a lady sitting right beneath the moon,
Appearing to be the only one doing good to the corrupt human nation…

The outer robe of skin,
Hid her heart of gold,
Beholding the violin in the most elegant way,
She appeared to be the mermaid from the legends yet to be told….

She saw me from her side vision,
And my eyes saw a smile behind those lovely curls,
Quietly pushing away one of the locks,
She stirred inside my heart the emotional whirls….

She politely demanded the knowledge of my intention,
Voice so humble that even the stones would melt,
Now i realise how awkward it would have been,
To stare at her blankly and not speak out what i actually felt….

Seeing me quiet like a statue,
Her sweet smile turned into an intriguing grin,
I still don’t understand why i blushed that time,
After all love at first sight could not be a sin….

After a while she began with her chorus again,
A new song she chose this time with a more romantic theme,
And i knew i could not hold it anymore,
She was the one i saw in my dreams….

Knowing what was going in my mind,
She asked me to come close,
She asked me to listen to her songs,
And it was the first time when i could not decide that whether “yes” or “no” she chose….

Hours passed like the generations of a family,
And i kept falling deeper in the sea of her voice,
Then suddenly she stood up and rushed away,
I guess it was her first ever intimate interaction with boys…

My heart skipped a beat ,
As i realised i might lose her forever,
The guilt stricken conscience reprimanded me,
and my feet began to shiver…

she saw me shaken and came back,
Her face not worried anymore,
She gave me a tiny paper and rushed away in the darkness,
Leaving me like a fish out of sea lying on the shore….

Mind said to open the paper,
But the content was too much for the heart to swallow,
Shaking fingers were too troubled,
Not able to decide whose orders to follow…

In the end decision made was to die rather than live painfully,
With her ignorant expression i knew i had a heart of paper she tore,
The fingers at last unfolded the crumpled paper,
And it was her phone number the paper wore….